Warehouse Racking / Shelving

Using the correct type of warehouse racking is important for your warehouse's efficiency.  There are many types of racking systems to choose from based on your products and operations within your warehouse.  Here are a few...

Selective Pallet Racks:

- Allows direct access to each pallet
- Most cost economical option for most
- Adaptable to fit most warehouse configurations
- Most brands are compatible with each other
- They are easy to assemble
- Easy to reconfigure after initial setup

Push Back Pallet Racks:

- Maximizes warehouse storage efficiency
- Lowers warehouse labor costs
- Allows more space for SKUs compared to drive in racks
- Easy pallet access for lift truck operators

Drive In Pallet Racks:

- Allows virtually unlimited depth of storage
- Provides maximum storage density
- Lowers the number of aisles needed
- Prioritizes density over selectivity
- Very cost effective

Pallet Flow Racks:

- Promotes flow of warehouse inventory
- Allows high-density pallet storage
- Allows quick access to every SKU
- Perfect for freezer and cooler applications

Carton Flow Racks:

- Utilizes FIFO order picking
- Reduces labor costs
- Reduces use of floor space
- Usually compatible with existing racking system

Cantilever Racks:

- Easily adjusted
- Lacks front side obstructions, making loading and picking easier
- Can be built as high as your service machinery will go
- Single-sided converts to double sided if needed
Reference: Material Handling Systems (https://www.akequipment.com/pallet-rack-systems/)

Warehouse Safety Equipment

We understand that all warehouses do not store the same type of products or conduct the same type of operations; however all warehouses should maintain a safety program that practices safety techniques and enforces the use of proper safety equipment.  Using the correct warehouse safety equipment can prevent harm to your products and employees.   Some of the various types of safety equipment that are used to prevent major incidents include column guards, pallet rack aisle protection, safety mirrors, and safety signs.  Personal Protective Equipment such as gloves, hats, jackets, and glasses should also be used within warehouse environments.  Use of proper PPE should be a priority for all companies with warehousing operations, and should be enforced through their safety program.

Different types of warehouse safety equipment:

Column Guards:
Column guards are used to protect warehouse structures such as columns or posts.  These protective barriers are created to absorb the force of a forklift or vehicle striking the warehouse warehouse structure, eliminating costly damage to the vehicle or the warehouse.  Column Guards are usually bright yellow or any color that are easily spotted in contrast to the warehouse structure.

Pallet Rack Aisle Protection:
This piece of warehouse safety equipment is used to create a barrier between vehicle traffic and pallet racks.  Damaged racks are not only unsafe for the warehouse, but are also expensive to repair or replace.  Therefore having a aisle protector not only protects employees, but also saves your company thousands of dollars in repairing or replacing racks.

Safety Gloves:
There are many different types of safety gloves that can be used in a warehouse environment.  Some of these different types of gloves include anti-static safety gloves, chemical resistant safety gloves, cut-resistant safety gloves, electrical safety gloves, and general purpose safety gloves.  Safety gloves not only protects workers, but they also provide protection for consumers in environments such as food or pharmaceutical warehouses.  Managers should evaluate the different operations within their warehouse and enforce the use of PPE such as gloves to maintain a safe and efficient working environment.

Cut Resistant Safety Gloves
Cut resistant gloves are different from "cut-proof" gloves.  Wearing cut resistant gloves can significantly reduce the damage inflicted from cuts or scrapes.  Cut resistant gloves are rated from ANSI level A1 to ANSI level A9, but keep in mind that not all warehouse functions require an A9 rated glove.  Usually the higher rated cut resistant gloves are maid with steel mesh and are more expensive.  For most warehouse employees who utilize box cutters only a few hours a day, lower rated gloves with more comfort may be the best choice.

Warehouse RFID & Barcode Scanners

Warehouse Carts and Lifts